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Black Raspberry Vanilla Bath Soap


$ 6.00

Imagine the delicate sweet fruity scent of black raspberry with a subtle hint of vanilla! This moisturizing soap smells simply divine. Both black raspberries and vanilla are powerful antioxidants making this natural soap ideal to soothe irritated and sensitive skin for daily use.

Each soap contains a unique blend of high quality oils with African shea butter to leave your skin ultra-cleansed and soft. The natural soap will give a rich creamy lather together with a delicious scent. Why not treat someone you love to a handmade soap gift!

* moisturizing olive oil
* coconut oil for a creamy lather                                                                                   * African Shea butter for soft skin                                                                                 * oatmeal for gentle exfoliation                                                                                     
* delicate black raspberry & vanilla scent 



Ingredients- coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, shea butter, spring water, oatmeal and fragrance.


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