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Castile Bath Soap


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A multifunctional, 100% natural soap without synthetic agents, this castile soap bar will gently cleans and purify your skin with its antibacterial properties. Perfect for sensitive skin prone to acne, you'll simply love this unscented soap for your daily use.

Also suitable for using on your babies and children, this is a great soap to have around the house for the entire family to use. Hardworking but so very gentle, your family's skin will be ultra soft and so kissable!



* 4 oz raw bar
* cold process soap
* moisturizing Olive oil                                                                                   
* great for dry and sensitive skin                                                                                                                                                                               
* all natural daily soap                                                                                                   * handmade in America                                                                                                    * unscented



Ingredients- olive oil, castor oil and spring water.

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