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Patchouli Orange Soap


$ 5.75

The bright scent of orange peel blended with the strong musky natural earth aroma of patchouli creates an irresistible handcrafted soap bar that will uplift, clarify and wake you up. What better way to start your day!

Entirely handcrafted with sensitive and delicate skin in mind, the patchouli and orange soap bar creates a rich lather with an incredible aroma that will linger in your bathroom. It will inject a vibrant and zesty mood into your day.

* 4 oz bar
* handmade using cold process
* unrefined shea butter for hydration * nourishing vitamins and minerals
* palm oil for longer lasting bar
* moisturizing olive oil
* coconut oil for creamy lather
* exfoliating oatmeal
* uplifting patchouli and orange scent


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