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Meet the Soap Maker

Meet The Soap Maker
Hello, here is my bio for you. Feel free to read it, so that you can get to know all about me. I thought about hiring a copywriter to draft up a fancy old school bio with the pretty cool words, but I think no one can tell my story better than me, so here is my bio, just for you.
I am Dieshawn Holmes the inspirational soap maker here at Angelic Soaps and Gifts. I am also a wife, mother of three amazing girls and a serial crafter.

My journey started way back when I was six years old. Growing up as an only child, I always had to find somethig to occupy my time, so crafting became my best friend.While crafting has always been my favorite past time. My entrepreunal journey began, as I would often sale cookies and baked goods to family and friends. In addition, I also entertained my pet goat named Michael Jackson a poodle named Prince and a pair of chickens.

My passion for crafting grew even stronger as an adult. Attending an enrichment class offered by the local school district, I participated in a herbal studies class that instructed us on how to craft herbal bath products and herbal soaps. We designed a beautiful mothers day gift basket with our handcrafted gifts that we crafted in class. After that day, a passion for soap making evolved. Continuing to learn and educate myself on the soapmaking process and gaining knowledge on the use of herbs and aroma therapy, Angelic Soaps and Gifts was born.

We are all blessed with a gift or talent, I discovered my gift is helping, motivating, encouraging and putting smiles on peoples faces. So, I am able to offer my gifts to you all wrapped up into Angelic Soaps and Gifts handcrafed gifts. Along with offering you a super, unique and inspirational shopping experience.


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