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African Shea Butter Lavender Bliss

$ 6.00


Say goodbye to dry skin! African shea butter is the absolute best. Rich in texture, the wonderful lavender scent and high emollient qualities make this the ideal lotion when your skin needs a helping hand.

The subtle scent of the lavender essential oil is wonderful for relieving stress so it really doesn't get much better. You can moisturize your skin AND relieve your stress at the same time.

* soothing and calming lavender essential oil
* thick, rich 100% authentic African shea butter for deep moisturizing                      
 *available in 1 oz trial size and to toss in your purse
* all natural and vegan
* great for people with psoriasis

* perfect for applying to stretch marks                                                                      

* dry and cracked heels              

* dry elbows                                                                                                                   * can be applied to nourish dry hair


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