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Blue Sky Soap

$ 5.75


Blue clay is coveted for its skin-balancing and complexion-clarifying properties making this cleansing soap bar ideal for people with oily skin or acne prone skin. With African shea butter and other natural oils, this soap will leave your skin oh-so-soft.

The purifying soap also boasts a fresh uplifting citrus scent with a hint of sensual vanilla intertwined with notes of rich patchouli. You will smell delectable!

* handmade using cold process method                                             * certified unrefined African Shea butter                                                 * contains unsaponifiable fats
* nourishing vitamins
* moisturizing olive oil
* palm oil to extend soap life                                                               
* coconut oil for rich creamy lather                                                       * invigorating oatmeal                                                                           * cleansing and purifying blue clay                                                      * delicious blue sugar fragrance



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