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coconut oil soap

$ 5.00

This unscented African shea butter emollient penetrates the skin quickly to deeply moisturize even the driest skin. Using only simple and natural ingredients, the extraordinary formula of this cream will help promote skin renewal in a gentle way making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Fast absorbing without greasiness, this dry skin lotion is unscented so it will not interfere with your favorite perfume and is great for those of you who have sensitivities to fragrances. Pamper dry feet, elbows and even your hair!

* unscented
* 100% authentic African shea butter
* available in 1.oz trial size perfect for your purse                                                         
* entirely natural and vegan                                                                                           * made by hand

* dry and cracked heels                                                                                                * elbows
* dry and chapped hands                                                                                              * dry hair treatment


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