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Lavender Bliss Bath Soap

$ 6.00

The scent of this lavender soap is very fresh and lingers so wash all your troubles away with a little helping hand from this relaxing bath soap. This artisan soap bar with quality essential oils will leave your skin beautifully hydrated and is ideal for people with sensitive or acne- prone skin.

The relaxing properties of lavender make this an ideal soap to use last thing at night. Recline in your bath tub and inhale deeply to really get the soothing benefits. You will sleep like a baby!

* 4 oz bar
* handmade using cold process
* unrefined shea butter for hydration
* nourishing vitamins and minerals
* palm oil for longer lasting bar
* moisturizing olive oil
* coconut oil for creamy lather
* relaxing lavender essential oil
* exfoliating lavender buds great for dry skin

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